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ALX, more than a tech accelerator; creating dynamic experiences, impacting Africa’s tech future


As the continent surges forward in the digital age, there is a bustling landscape of tech accelerators emerging with the promise of providing platforms where innovation and entrepreneurship intertwine. However, none other comes close to fulfilling this promise than ALX Africa, as evidenced by its hundreds of thousands of graduates successfully pursuing and thriving in their tech careers and businesses.

ALX, Africa’s premier tech career accelerator continues to bolster its commitment to fostering technological advancement by creating dynamic experiences for current and prospective learners. Through strategic sponsorships of two major events: the NITDA Co-Create Tech Expo and Martech Africa 1.0, it continued the promotion and advocacy for Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the continent.

The NITDA Co-Create Tech Expo, held annually, serves as a platform for highlighting the latest advancements in technology and fostering collaboration among industry stakeholders. Martech Africa 1.0, is, however, a groundbreaking event focused on exploring the intersection of marketing and technology, providing insights into emerging trends and best practices.

(L-R) Seun Babajide-Duroshola, Country Marketing Manager, ALX Nigeria; Johnson Anorh, CEO, GAGE Digital Company and Ruby Igwe, Country General Manager, ALX Nigeria at the NITDA-Co-Create West Africa Expo 2024, held recently in Lagos State.

ALX actively engaged with attendees during both events, particularly young people, highlighting its free Artificial Intelligence Career Essentials (AiCE) course and other offerings which can be found on their website Through interactive sessions and demonstrations, ALX highlighted the transformative power of AI and its potential to drive innovation across various sectors.

Ruby Igwe, Country Manager at ALX, on one of the panel sessions at the NITDA Co-Create Expo, emphasized the significance of AI education in today’s rapidly evolving landscape, stating, “Artificial Intelligence holds immense potential to revolutionise industries and create new opportunities for economic growth in Africa. By providing accessible education and resources, ALX is empowering the next generation of African innovators to harness the power of AI and drive positive change.”

ALX’s Country Marketing Manager, Seun Babajide-Duroshola also emphasized the benefits of taking courses through ALX, stating, “ALX offers comprehensive, industry-relevant courses designed to equip learners with the skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market. Our partnership with events like the NITDA Co-Create Tech Expo and Martech Africa 1.0 reflects our commitment to supporting talent development and fostering innovation across Africa.”

(L-R) Linda Obi, CEO Afrihealth; Maureen Ogah, Country Manager, MCIM; Charles Ndidi Nweke, Data Associate, ALX Nigeria; Adebimpe Odulana, Director, Partnership Lead, ALX Nigeria; Oluwatoyin Matthew, Growth Product Manager Getvaleapp and Adepoju Bakare, Marketing Director Quidax, during a panel discussion at Martech Africa: Revolutionizing the Future of Marketing Technology event in Lagos recently.

Beyond reaching out to relevant tech communities by actively participating in high-value tech events, the career accelerator also ensures that its own learners and fellows community get a total and thorough learning experience. One is the Interview and CV Workshop held across all its eleven hubs around Lagos.

These sessions featured Human Resource experts who guided participants on how to develop a compelling resume, avoid common mistakes, and prepare adequately for interviews to score any tech role they would be applying for. A truly beneficial exercise as some ALX learners successfully landed job roles afterward.

Through participating in these events, and the creation of impactful community engagements, ALX reaffirms its position as a driving force in Africa’s tech ecosystem, dedicated to empowering individuals and organisations to thrive in the digital age. With its industry-standard tech programmes and strategic partnerships, ALX drives positive change and fosters innovation across the continent. For more information, visit

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