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Cycling into the Future: Technology’s Role in Achieving Optimal Results – IT News Africa


By Chris Buchanan, Client Solutions Director, Dell Technologies South Africa

Sports celebrate hard work, persistence, perseverance, and skill, while technology plays a pivotal role in elevating athletes beyond human limits through innovation and evolving sports engineering.

This rings especially true in professional cycling, where split-second tactics, teamwork, technique, and speed decide victories. Dell Technologies proudly renews its partnership with Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team, continuing its association since the team’s days as Team Dimension Data and NTT Pro Cycling.

General Manager Doug Ryder highlights the progressive nature of the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team, which pushes performance boundaries, aiming to reshape the sport’s future and its global impact. Doug emphasizes their belief in the peloton’s power to propel both people and performance forward, committed to maximizing each team member’s potential.

Through robust, cutting-edge solutions, Dell supports the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team, aiming to elevate their innovation and passion. Doug emphasizes technology’s pivotal role in their success, driven by data. He underscores that data-driven rider selection and real-time race data empower informed decisions, lending a competitive edge.

The partnership extends beyond technology; both Dell and the team share values of community upliftment, sustainability, and environmental care. Collaborations with Qhubeka, a charitable organization providing bicycles to schoolchildren and key workers, reflect shared commitments.

The Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team’s globe-trotting management relies on Dell’s technology, ensuring efficient work from anywhere. Dell G15 gaming machines power the team’s headquarters for Zwift virtual training, enhancing virtual cycling engagement. Dell XPS 13 Plus and Latitude 2-in-1 devices provide powerful, portable solutions for the management team, enabling seamless connectivity and strategic planning.

Doug emphasizes the significance of virtual cycling, particularly during the pandemic, enabling global connections and competitions. Dell’s support facilitates this transformational shift, enhancing the team’s capabilities.

With Dell’s technological support, the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team is poised to thrive on the global stage, benefitting from enhanced performance, connectivity, and strategic advantage.

By Chris Buchanan, Client Solutions Director, Dell Technologies South Africa

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