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Founders Factory Africa sparks $114m tech revolution


The vibrant landscape of African technology innovation is set to receive an electrifying surge, as Founders Factory Africa announces a $114 million injection of funding to turbocharge its mission of nurturing and empowering tech visionaries across the continent.

In a resounding display of solidarity and commitment to Africa’s burgeoning tech renaissance, the Mastercard Foundation and Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures have stepped into the spotlight as the latest champions of the cause. This follows in the footsteps of trailblazers such as Standard Bank, Small Foundation, and Netcare, who previously staked their visionary claims in the evolution of the pan-African investment company.

This formidable influx of capital heralds an era of unprecedented scale and reach. Powered by the dynamism of its pioneering co-founder, Alina Truhina, the organisation is poised to unleash a tidal wave of transformative support, propelling tech-driven start-ups and their founders towards unparalleled heights of success.

Since its inception in 2018, Founders Factory Africa has orchestrated a symphony of growth for over 55 tech luminaries strewn across the African canvas.

Yet, this investment windfall is no mere encore; it is a thundering crescendo signalling a bolder, braver phase for the organisation.

Founders Factory Africa has charted an audacious course, steering its compass towards untapped territories of potential. This funding wave will cascade into three pivotal tributaries:

  • A giant leap into sector-agnosticity: No longer constrained by sector-specific boundaries, Founders Factory Africa vows to champion founders who pledge their allegiance to the realm of business fundamentals. This shift will shatter the confines of convention, fostering a dynamic breeding ground for future tech titans.
  • Charting new vistas of capital investment: The call for innovative capital deployment has been heeded. With the addition of non-dilutive capital to its arsenal, it is harmonising the symphony of funding mechanisms.
  • Forge of empowerment: Amidst the shimmering promise of innovation, Founders Factory Africa is steadfast in bolstering its arsenal of venture-building mastery. The injection of funding will galvanise the organisation’s internal fortitude, ensuring that the assemblage of tech pioneers receives an unparalleled toolkit of wisdom and support.


Bongani Sithole, the CEO of Founders Factory Africa, extends an invitation for tech dreamers to unite under a common banner.

“Come build with us,” Sithole beckons.

“Moving Africa forward requires more of us to support tech-driven, solution-oriented ventures that have the potential to scale and make an impact at speed. Our role as Founders Factory Africa is to provide founders with the funding, knowledge, and hands-on venture building support they need to achieve commercial success and create outsized, systematic impact.”

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