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Startupbootcamp AfriTech invites ASIP applications


Startupbootcamp AfriTech, an accelerator programme cultivating African start-ups, has opened applications for the fourth cohort of its highly commended ASIP accelerator programme. Providing a unique opportunity for early-stage African start-ups, it offers mentorship, industry insights, and global networking opportunities with investors and corporate partners.

Africa is witnessing an extraordinary surge in technological innovation, driven by a wave of ambitious tech start-ups emerging across the continent. From bustling cities to remote rural communities, these inventive ventures are utilising technology to tackle complex challenges and fuel economic growth in an array of sectors.

Since its inception, Startupbootcamp AfriTech has played a crucial role in boosting African entrepreneurs and fostering innovation across various industries. With a proven track record, the programme has supported 60 start-ups since 2017.

“Earlier this year, we witnessed history as start-ups from our ASIP Accelerator demonstrated their innovations to the world,” said programme director Henry Ojuor.

“With £4.5 million worth of fundraising discussions and dozens of corporate pilots across the cohort, we’re back in search of the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs for ASIP Accelerator Cohort 4.”

Amidst the vibrant rhythm of Africa’s untapped potential, Ojuor added, “We’ll be criss-crossing the entire continent in a quest to scout, skill, and scale the most promising innovators. We’re excited and looking forward to meeting you and can’t wait to help launch you to the moon!”

The ASIP programme enjoys robust support from partners like the Delegation for Rapid Entrepreneurship of Women and Youth (DER/FJ), the Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank (FMO), MASSIF (the financial inclusion fund managed by FMO on behalf of the Dutch government), AWS, Google for Start-ups, and Firstbase.

“We firmly believe in their ability to transform industries, create added value, and contribute to Senegal’s economic growth. We are putting our resources, expertise, and network at their disposal to help them achieve their goals,” stated Mame Aby Seye, the general delegate for entrepreneurship at DER/FJ.

Another significant partner, FMO, facilitates a vibrant start-up environment in the regions where the programme invests, by investing in inclusive business models and offering the expertise needed for business enhancement.

Startupbootcamp AfriTech’s ASIP Accelerator Programme is a game-changing initiative set to catalyse innovation across Africa. Photo: Supplied
Startupbootcamp AfriTech’s ASIP Accelerator Programme is a game-changing initiative set to catalyse innovation across Africa. Photo: Supplied

Speaking on this, FMO Partnerships for Impact senior associate Esther Njoroge commented, “Following the success of the entrepreneurs in Cohort 3, we are excited to once again partner with Startupbootcamp on Cohort 4 of the ASIP Accelerator and look forward to following the progress of the participating start-ups.”

The ASIP programme is open to start-ups in a plethora of sectors including fintech, InsureTech, agritech, climatetech, e-commerce, digital health, greentech, mobility, and more. The selection process emphasises start-ups with a minimum viable product (MVP), demonstrated market traction, and a robust founding team.

Selected participants will undergo an intensive three-month coaching period, leading to a Demo Day where they can present their disruptive solutions to investors, corporate partners, and industry stakeholders. Benefits include expert mentorship, industry connections, funding opportunities, extensive resources, and integration into the vibrant Startupbootcamp AfriTech alumni community.

FastTrack scouting events will be hosted in numerous countries including Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Senegal, Uganda, Morocco, Cameroon, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Egypt. Applications will be accepted until 8 September 2023 at 23:59 GMT.

For more details and to apply for the Startupbootcamp AfriTech Accelerator Programme, visit

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