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Ripple XRP Predicted to Reach $1 in April: Here’s Why


Ripple XRP has steadied after a rapid incline over the past week. The token is up 11% in the past week and has surged 30% in the past month. Based on its recent climb, analysts predict that XRP may be on its way to $1 by April.

Despite the overall cryptocurrency rally cooling down, many price predictions are predicting a rebound for altcoins in April, including XRP. At press time, Ripple’s native token is trading at $0.6859, but projections see the token rebounding past $7 to nearly $1.

With XRP breaking out above $.68, current price charts indicate a new threshold for the token to hit above $.69. If the token breaks that resistance, there’s no telling how high the asset could climb.

Ripple: XRP Surges to $0.6: Eyes $1 Next
Source: WatcherGuru

The recent surge for Ripple XRP is late for some investors, as the rest of the altcoin market has been rising for the past two months. However, XRP is gaining ground, with interest in the asset growing exponentially as of late. Despite being down since yesterday, the token’s price is up 11% in the last week. Thus, trading volume is also up for the asset.

XRP is looking at targets closer to $1.33 mid-resistance, with $1.88 and $5.85 Fibonacci targets in the coming weeks. However, Ripple’s token will look at surpassing $0.7707 as the first target to get on the path towards $1.

Furthermore, Ripple XRP holders are hopeful that the conclusion to Ripple Labs’ ongoing trial with the SEC will see a conclusion soon. A ruling in the favor of XRP will only fuel the fire under XRP, and perhaps make the surge beyond $1 easier and quicker. April will be a big month for altcoins, especially XRP.

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