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PowerX Appoints Ted Miller as Non-Executive Director


PowerX Technology Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Ted B. Miller Jr. as a Non-Executive Director.

Ted Miller, an active investor in infrastructure tech, also advises the US Autonomy Institute, fostering intelligent autonomous infrastructure development. He’s also the Chairman of Visual Intelligence, using advanced aerial drone sensors to map cell tower integrity accurately.

PowerX Technology Ltd is a pioneering software platform that automates advanced data science at scale to optimize mobile tower operational processes.

PowerX’s AI-led automation enhances tower management with practical applications, driving operational efficiencies and supporting revenue generation. The benefits are substantial, including CAPEX and OPEX optimizations, leading to reduced costs and accelerated growth, as well as increased uptime resilience and auditable GHG emission reductions. By integrating seamlessly into business and operational processes, this innovative solution enhances physical equipment performance and effectively manages operational issues to resolution, resulting in lower energy and maintenance costs and improved capital deployment decisions.

PowerX’s data intelligence platform empowers large-scale digitization of mobile tower operations and business processes across thousands of towers. It provides automated visibility, valuable insights, and practical actions across a wide spectrum of assets and operations.

Ted Miller, former founder Chairman and CEO of Crown Castle Inc., the first tower company in the USA, and an active investor and advisor in the industry, stated, “The analog way TowerCos and MNOs used to manage their portfolios has been the norm for over 30 years. However, given the aging infrastructure, cost of talent, and rising demand, digitization has now become essential. It creates the opportunity to accelerate revenue, increase the productivity of resource-constrained teams, produce savings at scale, and deliver targeted insights across the enterprise to all stakeholders. Digitization also allows TowerCos and MNOs to meet the sustainability goals that their shareholders demand.”

“The PowerX platform is enterprise-ready and already deployed at scale. It is the inevitable next evolution for the tower industry. I’m excited to contribute to this industry-changing technological leap. It allows a tower site to be digitized for maintenance, engineering analysis, and power optimization from the desktop. The result is greater resilience, fewer truck rolls, reduced energy costs, and improved sustainability.”

Andrew Schafer, CEO at PowerX, expressed, “Ted’s knowledge of the industry, the challenges it faces, and the need to innovate provides further strength and insights to the PowerX team. He shares our vision to help the Tower industry transform itself with advanced data science tools that drive operational efficiencies, reduce carbon emissions, optimize capital expenditures, and improve resilience. Digitization will put TowerCos in the driving seat to solve the most pressing issues facing the industry today, and we are delighted that Ted is joining PowerX as we lead that adoption.”

William Mitchell, Non-Executive Chairman at PowerX, added, “Ted has a strong track record of bringing ground-breaking solutions to market. We look forward to leveraging his skill set and bringing practical solutions to our clients using this exciting new technology across our markets.”


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